Self-adhesive product and system solutions for all kinds of industries that optimize production processes and enhance products while also providing advanced customer service.


Adhesive Tape Solutions for Appliances

We offer numerous appliance tape solutions for mounting, injection, component marking, surface protection, secure transport, and much more.

Adhesive Tape Solutions for the Automotive Industry

With our global network and our in-depth technical expertise, we help automotive OEMs and tier suppliers develop new ideas.

Building Industry

Our adhesive tapes are a proven technology that provides flexibility in design, faster processes, and a durable bond.

Adhesive Tapes for Copiers and Printers

We offer numerous tape solutions – such as mounting, bundling, surface protection, and securing transport – for the manufacturers of copiers and printers.


Our adhesive tape solutions for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs, OLED technologies, displays, wearables, and other smart devices.

Health Markets

We offer a wide range of products for applications in the health markets as well as a special range of adhesive tapes specifically for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.

Renewable Energies

We are dedicated to the renewable energy industry. Our experts in sales, engineering, and research and development are present around the globe, providing industry with proven solutions. Benefit from our expertise to make your targets happen.

Smart Cards

From chip bonding to card attachment – we offer reliable adhesive solutions for the smart card industry.

Transportation Industry

As a leading global manufacturer of adhesive solutions, we develop and produce a wide range of different products for the aviation, rail, and marine industry.